Welcome Everyone to the new MyOpenRouter!

We've been committed from the very beginning to make MyOpenRouter YOUR source of knowledge on all things open source and NETGEAR. Our users - you - are what make this community great, all over the world, contributing knowledge, tips, and guides for other NETGEAR users.

As part of our devotion to all of you, we've updated MyOpenRouter with a fresh look and feel, utilizing a simpler, faster, more streamlined interface. We've also updated our Open Source page to make it easier to find firmware for the device you own, as well as discover content about your specific router.

If You Are an Existing MyOpenRouter Member...

You will need to reset your password to begin using the new community. Don't worry, your contributions and comments will still be there, but for security purposes, we're requiring everyone to update.

Head to the password reset page to get started using the new site!

IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to the changeover in subscription method and site platform, thread subscriptions cannot be retained. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can use the powerful search feature to find threads important to you and add to your subscriptions, or subscribe to categories, too.

The case is the same for private messaging; due to the change in platform, your private message inboxes start fresh. If you used private messaging extensively and wish to receive an archive of your past private messages, please contact an administrator and we'll be happy to help on a case by case basis.

If You Are New to MyOpenRouter...

All you have to do is create your account! After complete, head to our Articles & Guides section to learn more about your router, or dive right in to Open Source Central.

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