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As the world of wireless routers continues to expand and grow, as well as the amount of connected devices in the home, open source firmware represents an excellent way to "expand" the capabilities of your powerful, high end NETGEAR router.

A variety of NETGEAR routers, including the R6300, R6300v2, R7000, R8000, and more, support the ability for users to customize them with third party firmware. These firmwares, such as DD-WRT, Tomato, and OpenWRT, act as a replacement for the stock firmware provided by NETGEAR.

Flashing your NETGEAR open source router with third party firmware can unlock a wealth of options from fine-tuning and tweaking options, to built-in VPN support, detailed access control abilities and more. Everyone can benefit, from networking experts to newbies.

Latest OpenSource Articles

Voxel's Custom R7800v1 Firmware Updated to
Jan 19 2017 - 12:32
Developer Voxel is new on the MyOpenRouter scene, and was determined to find a way for advanced users to get the most from their R7500v1 and R7800v1 NETGEAR routers. These custom firmwares, made by...
New Year, New Firmware: Update Your Kong DD-WRT Builds
Jan 3 2017 - 14:27
We sincerely hope that MyOpenRouter fans from around the world had a safe and happy New Year, and we hope you'll all join us in 2017! In the mean time, Kong has welcomed the new year in his own...
How to Install OpenWRT on NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 R9000
Dec 6 2016 - 16:23
For those R9000 owners who are Linux buffs, router enthusiasts, or simply want to try open source firmware -- developer Tathagata Das has provided the community with an updated OpenWRT for R9000...
How to Install Plex Media Server on NETGEAR's R9000
Dec 1 2016 - 09:46
The NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk is the very first consumer router to have a Plex Media Server built in -- and fortunately, it's not only easy to get started with it, but it's a performer as well...
Review and Specifications of the NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10
Nov 22 2016 - 14:28
Well, NETGEAR has done it. They've built a router that is so far beyond anything preceding it -- so deliciously beefy and powerful that it requires a dedicated fan and heatsink -- and a box that...
Hands-On Review of the NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System
Nov 14 2016 - 14:22
The following is a review of the Orbi router and satellite (RBK50). We have been having issues with a very old secondary router since moving into our 111-year old house 3 years ago. It seemed like...
NETGEAR Nighthawk R9000 X10 Router Is Here, OpenWRT Available
Oct 19 2016 - 12:14
Today, NETGEAR has announced the arrival of what is claimed to be the fastest Wi-Fi router yet to date -- the R9000 Nighthawk X10. There are so many reasons why the X10 might just be a game...
How to Set Up OpenVPN on NETGEAR R7000 with DD-WRT
Oct 11 2016 - 16:20
This howto covers setting up an OpenVPN Server for access to your home network as if you were local. It's an excellent alternative to opening a bunch of ports in your firewall and exposing poorly...

Latest OpenSource Discussions

DD -WRT Kong Mod on R7000-100PES
Jan 18 2017 - 05:27
Hello, I live in France and I'll soon buy a router to put DD WRT on it. However I have 3 questions : -> I want to buy the R7000-100PES (the only model available in France), is the -...
R7000 AP mode VPN?
Jan 18 2017 - 05:08
Hi, I've a R7000 currently setup with X-WRT Merlin firmware. It's in AP mode because I'm behind a firewall (NAT boundery) I'd like to able VPN access on the router, however since...
EX6200 Xfinity setup
Jan 17 2017 - 22:24
I have an Asus RT-N66R working with DD-WRT as a repeater with zero problems. I have a Xfinity account which I use on my GF house whenever I'm there to stream movies and watch live TV. I recently...
question from newbie
Jan 17 2017 - 20:55
Hi folks, I have a quick question.I am wanting to flash my R7000 with dd-wrt firmware. I have been looking for guides and came across this one:
Return to Stock (Wireless stops functioning)
Jan 17 2017 - 08:52
Hi, I was running into an odd problem and was wondering if anyone had seen this before. I was returning an r7800 from kong back to stock (which i've done on at least 2 other r7800 units...
Does anyone know what the average throughput capability between the LAN and WAN interface is?
Jan 16 2017 - 13:50
I have been considering buying one of these for my new router but honestly I really need to know what the throughput speed is between the LAN and WAN interfaces before I go for it. I have been burned...
Block peer to peer and other unwanted
Jan 16 2017 - 05:12
Hello everybody First of all I apologize for my English ... I just bought a NETEAR WNR3500L router to distribute internet to a rental apartment. In France, the owner who provides internet access...
OpenWRT Wifi settings on R9000
Jan 15 2017 - 21:49
Hi, I've managed to install OpenWrt (Barrier Breaker) fw on my R9000 and all is working well. However i cannot find anywhere where I can change the channel bandwidths (20/40/80mhz) for the 2....
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