DD-WRT Kong Mod Info

NOTE: The info here is deprecated and only applies to my old K26 builds. Things have changed as I'm a member of the dd-wrt dev team now. I have merged all features into mainline dd-wrt. Current Kong builds are now regular dd-wrt builds, the only main difference is, that my releases are no regular snapshots. Every kong release receives testing before beeing published. Thus you can always be sure, that flashing has been tested and won't brick due to a software bug, which can happen on untested nightly dd-wrt builds.


DD-WRT Kong Mod is a dd-wrt re-build for broadcom 47xx units with >=8MB flash. For a list of supported models checkout the Readme.

This build in myopenrouter download section is not for 60K/64K NVRAM Units, to find the exact build read the Readme.

WNR3500L V2 [Dual Radio] Builds not yet available.


Compared to dd-wrt std_ftp_nas it removes following features:

  • chillispot/hotspot
  • a few themes
  • sftpserver ( use scp instead )

Compared to dd-wrt std_ftp_nas build it currently includes the following features:

OpenVPN and MiniDLNA Build:

  • network speed optimization (Benchmark)
  • general speed optimizations (compiled using -O2)
  • opkg optware package management tool
  • large file support samba, console utils
  • inotify support
  • kernel futex support
  • fpu support for optware packages
  • kernel rt mutex
  • lower default TX power for greater stability
  • 3/4G Modem support
  • full featured uClibc for better optware compatibility
  • sd-idle included (usb disk spindown, see tutorials how to enable it)
  • advanced usb drive automount, with swap support
  • drive umount using SES / AOSS / EZ-SETUP / WPS Button
  • clean umount at reboot

MiniDLNA Build:

  • DLNA Media Server for DLNA/UPnP-AV Clients (XBox, TVs...)


  • xl2tpd with kernel driver (better throughput)
  • zabbix enterprise monitoring client (Screenshot)
  • proxy with adblocking/filtering in transparent or nontransparent mode (Screenshot)

KingKong Build (only Asus RT-N16):

  • includes all features + voip

Automount: My builds include a completely redesigned automount.

By default all disks are mounted to /tmp/mnt/disc_part.

If a partition is labeled Optware it will be mounted to /opt, if it is labeled Jffs it is mounted to /jffs, if it is labeled Mnt it is mounted to /mnt.

You can override this behaviour by supplying the uuid of a partition in the webinterface this will override default and mount by label strategy.

Umount through SES/WPS Button works the following way:

Enable Use SES Button to remove drives in section Services->USB of the web interface

Now when you press the button the power light will go off indicating the start of the umount process. Once the light blinks twice umount is complete and the power light will go on again. Now all of your partitions have been umounted, including swap.

After that you can safely remove your drives. If you have multiple drives (e.g. a,b,c) you have to disconnect all of them and attach the ones you need again (e.g. a,b). There is no option right now to selectively umount certain partitions/drives. But as most users probably use only one drive this should work for the majority.


Note: Sourcecode modifications are directly forwarded to the individual maintainers and can be retrieved using their scm's or their bug trackers.


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I found downloads here:http:/

I found downloads here:

Does anyone know how we can access sources for builds?

I am trying to figure out how the bug in privoxy service was fixed in build 22200 (Update 8/19/13). Any help appreciated.

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I've been having issues with

I've been having issues with my WNR3500L dismounting my flash drive; I read on the Netgear site that there are only certain drives that are supported and was wondering if this firmware will allow all USB drives to work properly.

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CarbonPepper said: Congrats

CarbonPepper said: Congrats on making such a great build. :) I'm using 22200 and I'm having a problem with Privoxy killing 75% of the bandwidth. The router is a Netgear WNDR4000 running the pre-configure Privoxy 3.0.21 which is all good apart from the speed.   It's set in transparent mode, and all other settings are default apart from some -block lines added to user.agent. Without Privoxy enabled, using a variety of test sites I can get a consistent 120+ Mbps through the router. All clients are hardwired, and consistent result on linux, mac, windows. Also same results on android / wifi. But once privoxy is on, all devices report sub 30Mbps speeds.   I'm hoping there's some setting I can experiment with? Thanks.

That is due to the cpu load. With a faster router like dual arm core as in R6300V2 you will have much better speeds through privoxy.

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resubmitted under other

resubmitted under other account...

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First and foremost.

First and foremost. AWESOMENESS....

out of curiosity, are there any plans have zabbix integrated back into the builds. I don't recall in which version it was removed, and i'm not clear on where/which kong's git/svn/rcs control is being used.

SOURCE: http://svn.dd-wrt.com/browser/src
CHANGESETS: http://svn.dd-wrt.com/changeset

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c0ns0le said: First and foremost. AWESOMENESS.... out of curiosity, are there any plans have zabbix integrated back into the builds. I don't recall in which version it was removed, and i'm not clear on where/which kong's git/svn/rcs control is being used. theres: SOURCE: http://svn.dd-wrt.com/browser/src CHANGESETS: http://svn.dd-wrt.com/changeset


Zabbix is included in the STD build, on myopenrouter I only upload STD build with OLD (older drivers), the BT build with bittorrent does not come with zabbix, see:



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[email protected]
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Can I update from this

Can I update from this version:
Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/31/12) stdkong
to this, do 30-30-30 and upload and restore settings from backup file?

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Hi Kong,

Hi Kong,

Where can we get  the last ddwrt firmware that fits the R6300v1?

http://desipro.de/ddwrt/ does not seem to host any more your firmwares for R6300v1.

On myopenrouter, last submit seems to be that one:

http://myopenrouter.com/download/dd-wrt-r6300 (not from you)

But I found that repo that seems to contains your versions:


Should I use the last one there? Is it really beta?




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Got some explanations here:

Got some explanations here:


I could take the one from Brainslayer in ddwrt v24 pre SP2 repo:


but it's already 7 months old.

Would you have another one to suggest?


Devin Anderson
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Any easy tricks to make R6400

Any easy tricks to make R6400 router faster? Comcast is my ISP & I pay for 250Mbs. Im getting 180Mbs. Is that the best I should expect? I've tried different channels and using 2.4 and 5Ghz. Any ideas? Thanks and cool forum!! Devin

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Hi Kong!

Hi Kong!

I'm still using Astrill VPN Applet with standard DDWRT firmware on my Netgear R6400. Now I'd like to know if your newest build

dd-wrt.K3_R6400.chk  works with Astrill VPN Applet?

For your information I'd thank you in advance!