Running Android On NETGEAR's R6300 May Become A Reality, Thanks to Droidifi

Wait, what? We were pretty excited too when we heard that one of our favorite routers, the super powerful R6300, may very soon have a version of Android available to power it. The folks at Droidifi, in an already-funded Kickstarter promotion, are planning to release a flavor of Android built on the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 base, using the stable 3.6.11 Linux kernel.

This build promises numerous new features, including a wireless "power boost," a built in media server, custom firewall settings, anti-virus firewall capability, and even the ability to run Android apps.

Yes, Android apps -- the Droidifi project also plans to have its own "app store," through which custom apps for the build can be downloaded.We're really, really amped up for this release; the Kickstarter mentions that they are shooting for a May 2013 release date.. which can't arrive soon enough.

[Droidify on Kickstarter]

[Droidify Official Site]