Welcome CES Visitors!

The MyOpenRouter Team wanted to be the first to welcome attendees at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show to the community. If you're visiting the site from the show, we welcome you, want you to know that we're excited about NETGEAR's presence and announcements at CES, and thought we'd give you a few places to start in your exploration of the official user community for NETGEAR's open source wireless router.

First, make sure you join the community. This will give you full access to all the great features our community platform has to offer.

Second, check out the site's browse page. This will let you browse article, blog and forum content on the site by topic. Not only is the community dedicated to NETGEAR's KWGR614 open source router, but also to their network storage and digital entertainment technologies as well.

And definitely don't miss the new Inside CES blog hosted exclusively on MyOpenRouter, where NETGEAR employees and engineers will go behind the scenes at CES and share his experiences at the expo, and beyond.

Got suggestions for NETGEAR or the MyOpenRouter community? Definitely stop by our feedback forums, and let us know what you think.

So, enjoy the show, and enjoy the site. We'll see you around.

-The MyOpenRouter Team