DD-WRT for WNR3500Lv2 Initial Release

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This package contains the following materials,

1) checkout-wndr3500lv2.sh
2) ddwrt_build_wnr3500lv2.sh
3) wnr3500lv2.tar
5) ddwrt-wnr3500lv2-beta-release.chk

The ddwrt_build_wnr3500lv2.sh makes the source code ready for compiltaion for Netgear WNR3500Lv2. Make sure that ddwrt_build_wnr3500lv2.sh and wnr3500lv2.tar are placed in the same directory.
The checkout-wndr3500lv2.sh downloads dd-wrt source code with revision 17201 and it is automatically called by the ddwrt_build_wnr3500lv2.sh script.

To compile the source code for Netgear WNR3500Lv2 follow the instructions below ....
i) export your toolchain path.
ii) cd dd-wrt/src/router.
iii)make -f Makefile.wnr3500lv2 configure clean all install

If everything goes well, firmware will be placed in "dd-wrt/src/router/image" directory having name "ddwrt-wnr3500lv2.chk".

1. Please do not run your compiled firmware without having serial console setup.
2. This was compiled in as root user in 64 bit machine.
3. This was compiled in Fedora Core 15.

Main Features added:
* Remote login using ssh and telnet.
* Remote copy using scp.
* FTP server.
* Firmware upgrade.
* WAN is configurable in static and dynamic mode.
* Wireless (Basic + Security).
* USB Storage.
* hotplug.

* LED needs to be supported.
* SAMBA needs to be supported.
* PPPoE needs to be supported.

File Size: