MTD Erase & Firmware Upgrade Utility for WGR614L

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Utility to erase a particular section of MTD device. Can be used to upgrade any '.chk' firmware from any existing image without serial console. Some of the images published here do not accept '.chk' file from the Upgrade page.

In those situations, switching to some other firmwares is difficult without a serial console. This utility may be able to help you. Erasing the Linux partition with this utility will force the boot loader to stay in tftp listen mode. You can then transfer any 'chk' firmwares to the board using tftp.

If you are using a firmware which does not let you upgrade chk image, use this utility to switch to different firmwares.

1. Download the tarball. It contains source (mtd.c) and executable (mtd_erase) for 614L platform.

2. Remotely login to your WGR614L using ssh.

3. Copy 'mtd_erase' executable to the '/tmp' pf the board using scp or any other communication protocol present in the board.

4. Execute 'mtd_erase' from '/tmp' directory using the following command -
"./mtd_erase -d linux"
- this will the erase the linux partition of your 614L.

5. Reboot your router. Since there is no bootable image in the Linux partition, the router will be in a tftp listen state - as you can see by the green LED blinking.

6. Now, you can burn your router with your desired chk image using tftp. To transfer a chk image from a LAN host, use the following command:

"tftp -m binary -c put

This command is for Linux only, if you want to upgrade from Windows please refer to the tftp help.

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