NETGEAR Centria WNDR4700 Modified Firmware: Dropbear, Transmission, and More

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This is original NETGEARfirmware with few modification:

- added dropbear (ssh server)
- added swap "maker" script
- added transmission daemon
- added nano, htop, tcpdump, iptraf tool
- all settings can be management by one config file saved on internal disc

After first launch on internal disc will be created settings.txt file. It can be modified via notepad++ (please DO NOT use notepad from windows). Inside you can:
- enable/disable SSH server (dropbear, enabled by default only for LAN).

- enable/disable SWAP and set swap size
- enable/disable transmission daemon (Bittorrent client).

After each change you have to reboot your router.

Before enable transmission please set config file in /transmission/settings.json (via notepad++). Default password to transmission is admin/password (remote access is enabled from WAN when rpc is enabled)

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