OpenWRT for WNDR3700 (SquashFS) BETA 10.03 for Initial Flashing

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OpenWRT for NETGEAR WNDR3700 by hijglander of the OpenWRT forums.

Quick flashing instructions from the OpenWRT Wiki:

To upload the static firmware image to the 3700, do the following:

Log into your WNDR3700's Smart Wizard web configuration.

On the left side, there is a list of options and among them you will see "Router Upgrade". Click on it to bring the firmware upgrade page.

On the firmware upgrade page, click the "Browse" button.

Navigate to the binaries directory where the openwrt images were built.

Select the file "openwrt-ar71xx-wndr-jffs2-factory.img" or "openwrt-ar71xx-wndr-squashfs-factory.img" depending on which option you built with in #4.3 above.

Some people have had problems with the NETGEAR web interface JavaScript not liking the filename of the OpenWRT image, so they had to rename it to something more NETGEAR-like (eg. "WNDR3700-V1.0.4.35NA.img") before the upload would be accepted.

From that point, it worked and flashed fine (and they was using the very first version of NETGEAR firmware available). metamatt wrote something about different browsers maybe being an issue, but it didn't seem to matter which web browser they used, so long as they used a NETGEAR-like filename.

As this point, the OpenWRT firmware image should be flashed onto the 3700 and it will restart. If you were connected to the 3700 over wireless when you uploaded the new firmware then you will lose connectivity to the 3700 and need to plug into the 3700 over ethernet to continue setting it up.

OpenWRT Wiki for WNDR3700

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