Toastman's Tomato Firmware for WNR3500L w/ USB

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Based on Tomato Firmware v1.28, with USB support integration and GUI. It uses the Linux kernel and Broadcom wireless driver It also has support for additional router models and Wireless-N mode.

Other versions can be found here.

All the current "Teddy Bear" features are included, notably:
- USB Support, Samba, FTP, Media Servers
- Web Monitor
- Per-connection transfer rates
- Byte counter added to QOS/Details
- QOS rule ID added to QOS/Details
- Additional ipv6 support in GUI, QOS, Conntrack

"Toastman" Features:
- 250 entry Static DHCP | 500 entry Access Restrictions
- QOS class labels | Toastman QOS rules
- Fast conntrack timeout | Fast auto refresh
- Tools/System refresh timer
- Safe CPU frequency selector
- Loads upnpconfig.custom from JFFS, for VPN UPnP support

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