Tomato Firmware (Beta) for NETGEAR WNDR3400v1

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BE WARNED! This is highly beta tomato version. This image may brick your router. Make sure you have serial cable to debrick router!!

Netgear WNDR3400 v1:
- CPU BMC4716 453MHz
- 64MB RAM
- 8MB flash
- dualband
- fast ethernet switch
- one USB port

Original WNDR3400 firmware image for recovery:

How to flash tomato:
1) restore default settings
2) flash using tomato image via GUI
3) after flash leave router for 5-7 minutes until ping will return
4) log into Tomato and first of all erase nvram!!
5) after erase 2nd radio will disapear. Dont panic :) Just make reboot one more time
6) log into tomato and Have fun

Support details:
- both radios works
- usb works
- power led and usb led works correct
- wps and reset buttons works
- VLANs are not supported yet
- wireless leds may not work correct
- upgrade router via GUI will brick router!!

How to revert to OFW:
- flash ofw image via GUI
- after flash router wuill brick and power led will blink green light
- flash ofw image one more time using tftp client
- after flash make 30-30-30 reset

Best Regards!

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