Tomato Firmware with USB Build 52 (Compatible with NETGEAR WNR3500L) (EXT)

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Build 52 - 10/15/2010

Changes common for kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6 based builds:

* Fixed WAN Up script not being executed (was broken in build 51).
* Fixed obtaining DHCP lease from Corbina Beeline and possibly other ISPs (was broken in build 51).
* Fixed DHCP renewal processing to not replace the default gateway and DNS servers for PPTP/L2TP connections.
* Fixed errors in routing for PPTP/L2TP connections.
* Added "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network" option for PPTP/L2TP connection types (turned on by default). Turn it off to use gateway obtained via DHCP for internet routing, and only use PPTP/L2TP gateway for VPN subnet (custom routing may be required in case if VPN network contains multiple subnets).
* Resolve sporadic PPPoE disconnect issues with some ISPs.
* Allow to configure custom TTL values in the Web GUI.
* Make sure PPTP/L2TP is gracefully disconnected after firmware upgrades and after restoring configuration to prevent connection problems after reboot.
* Size optimization of some large applications.
* Software updates: PPTP kernel driver 0.8.5, Busybox 1.17.3.
* Cosmetics.

Kernel 2.6-based builds only (beta23):

* Fixed Mini build for Netgear routers with 4MB flash (WNR2000v2, WNR3500v2), removed RIPv1/v2 routing from Mini build due to Netgear size restrictions, added JFFS to Mini build to make use of some otherwise wasted flash space.
* Fixed flashing all supported Netgear routers back to OEM firmware.
* Media server: removed some rare and obsolete demuxers to reduce size, reduced MiniDLNA memory usage.
* Minor backports from upstream 2.6 kernel.


1. When upgrading Netgear routers from previous build 51, you will get an error message "Error writing fake Netgear CRC". Don't worry about it - just wait for a couple minutes for router to reboot, and the new firmware will be loaded anyway, regardless of this error.
2. A few new options are now automatically added to the default Dnsmasq configuration file, so if you have the same options in the Dnsmasq Custom Configuration box, you need to remove them to avoid errors starting Dnsmasq. The new options are:
* log-async
* all-servers ( * cache-size (

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