Tomato by Shibby for WNR3500Lv2 v117 (All In One)

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Tomato by shibby dedicated for new WNR3500L v2.

AIO = All In One, this is my biggest build

This version has upgraded openssl to 1.0.1g well it`s fix heartbleed issue!

MD5SUM: eafd58a65a83be1b785501daca600648

- OpenVPN integration and GUI
- Transmission integration
- GUI for Transmission
- Custom log file path
- SD-idle tool integration for kernel 2.6
- 3G Modem support
- SNMP integration and GUI
- Extended Sysinfo
- QOS-detailed & ctrate filters
- Realtime bandwidth monitoring of LAN clients
- Static ARP binding
- VLAN administration GUI
- Multiple LAN support integration and GUI
- Configurable QOS class names
- Comprehensive QOS rule examples set by default
- Revised IP/MAC Bandwidth Limiter
- DNScrypt-proxy integration and GUI
- UDPxy integration and GUI
- NFS server integration and GUI
- APCUPSD (UPS Monitor) integration and GUI
- HFS/HFS+ filesystem sypport
- Captive Portal. (Based in NocatSplash)
- PPTP Server/Client with GUI
- MultiSSID with GUI
- TOR Project
- TomatoAnon Project
- TTB Project

If you don`t need all those featurer (APC, NFS, BT) you can download smaller build (BT-VPN or VPN):

- EN:
- PL:

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