Voxel's Firmware Update for the NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK R9000 (Feb 19 2019)

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1. Integration of changes from the stock v. including:
- a login password enhancement in the router web interface
to support a more secure password (no saving passwords in NVRAM in plain text form).
- fixing the issue where the speed test in the QoS page always fails.
- Dynamic QoS database v1.46 update.
2. tar package is upgraded 1.30->1.31.
3. curl package is upgraded 7.63.0->7.64.0.
4. unbound package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.8.3->1.9.0.
5. libvorbis package is upgraded 1.3.5->1.3.6.
6. ffmpeg package is upgraded 3.2.12->3.4.5.
7. libsodium package is upgraded 1.0.16->1.0.17.
8. busybox package: patch command is added.
9. Host tools: two components are upgraded.