Voxel's latest Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R9000 (

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Most recent changelog:

1. CountryIE integration.

1. Integration of changes from the stock v.
2. NG version of OpenVPN client is removed (use my version if necessary).
3. Several NG bugs are corrected.
4. New samba CVE patches.
5. OpenVPN is upgraded 2.4.5->2.4.6.
6. liblz4 package is upgraded>1.8.2 (general speed improvements, see https://github.com/lz4/lz4/releases).
7. at package is upgraded 3.1.13->3.1.20.
8. libubox package is upgraded 2018-03-21->2018-04-12.
9. ca-certificates package is upgraded 20170717->20180409.
10. sqlite package is upgraded 3210000->3230100.
11. wget package is upgraded 1.19.2->1.19.5.
12. curl package is upgraded 7.59.0->7.60.0.
13. ethtool package is upgaded 4.15->4.16.
14. cifs-utils package is upgraded 6.6->6.8.
15. Host tools: several components are upgraded.