WGR614L Original NETGEAR Firmware

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New Features & Bug Fixes :

WPS - When the router 's WiFi security is WPA/WPA2 mixed mode, we used to tell a client through WPS to use WPA-PSK, but now we change to tell a client to use WPA2-PSK.
Fixed - Cannot establish the PPPoE connection through the Motorola 2210 modem.
Fixed - Users cannot do a FTP download or upload session that takes more than 30 minutes; the operation will not complete successfully.
Fixed - When using FireFox 3.0 to upgrade firmware, users always see an error message saying the filename is not valid.
Fixed - Entering the question mark '?' to the web interface (like will crash the router; the router cannot work normally until a reboot.
Fixed - Blocking Schedule: cannot set a schedule from 10PM to 4PM (over the midnight).
Known Issues:

QoS: Port priority function does not work.
QoS: Strict Priority function does not work.
Using the special character ‘&’ in a service name on the Block Service GUI would cause the GUI unstable.
FVS114 VPN sometimes cannot pass through the router.

File Size: