WNR3500L NETGEAR Standard Firmware (Outside North America)

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New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

This is a Wi-Fi certified firmware.
The 11n rates are disabled when the security type is WPS-TKIP.
No reboot is needed for a configuration change from the GUI.
Traffic Meter: Maximum volume of monthly limit is increased from 99GB (5 digits) to 999GB (6 digits).
The login pop-up window is removed.
The USB storage access performance is improved.
Improved compatibility with external USB storage devices.
Increase the max number of NAT session to 4096 sessions at a time.
Fixed: Firmware Upgrade - When the Apple Safari version 2.0.4 is used to access the router’s management GUI and upgrade the firmware, the progress bar cannot be displayed. The firmware upgrade is still working, and the “Update Settings” progress bar shows up after the firmware upgrade is done.
Fixed: Traffic Meter - If the traffic meter function is enabled and the user’s setting is to block the traffic after the limit has been reached, then when the traffic volume limit is reached, the Internet traffic is blocked as expected. But after a router reboot, the Internet traffic will not be blocked.
Fixed: Traffic Meter - The option “Turn the Internet LED to flashing green/amber" doesn't work if the option "Disconnect and disable the Internet connection" is not checked.
Fixed: Log - At the Logs page, the Clear log button and Send log buttons do not work.

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