Tomato for R7000


Tomato by Shibby for NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 Stock Firmware Image

How to install tomato:

How to return to Genie:


In order to successfully flash this firmware, you need to follow these steps (also outlined above)

  1.     Make sure your NETGEAR Router is running the Original (Stock) Firmware
  2.     Restore to default configuration
  3.     Flash with Shibby's "Initial Build" for your router
  4.     Follow remaining instructions to upgrade to Tomato

Tomato by Shibby for NETGEAR R7000 Initial Flash File

This is the initial Tomato flash file for use in upgrading your NETGEAR R7000 "Nighthawk" from the stock firmware to shibby's All-In-One Tomato build.

This build MUST be flashed before flashing the final firmware build, which can be downloaded here:

Final AIO build here:

For further instruction, see here:

Tomato by Shibby for NETGEAR R7000

Tomato by shibby for the NETGEAR R7000 "Nighthawk" router. This is the AIO build.

The initial Tomato file MUST be flashed first while on the stock NETGEAR firmware in order for this build to install correctly.

Initial Tomato flash:

Original firmware flash:

Full instructions can be found here:

NETGEAR R7000 Original Firmware Flash for Tomato Upgrade

Original firmware for the NETGEAR R7000, for use when upgrading to Tomato on the R7000, in the event you are currently running a firmware other than the original.

This firmware MUST be flashed first before attempting to upgrade to Tomato on the R7000. Multiple resets may be required after the flash to ensure that login is possible. Login may require either a blank username or "admin" as username, with "password" as password.

Initial Tomato flash:

AIO build flash:

For further instruction, see here: