Recover Your WGR614L Using a Serial Console & Windows

Hopefully, you will never have to do this, but if you are like me and like to work on the bleeding edge of technology - sometimes things happen. (Of course, you might just enjoy getting down to the core with your new serial console, too!)

So, you've "bricked" your WGR614L, either through too much tinkering or just a fluke. You may have tried tftp through your network cable, you just can't get a ping or for any reason can't get it going again. Rather than panic, you can access your router by using a serial console!

Blocking the Internet with NETGEAR Routers

After I set up my new KWGR614 open source router, I thought it was time to add in our "No Internet after 9:00 PM" rule for one of the kids. I wanted to see if it was as easy to set up as my old router, and how the KWGR614 would handle it.

After looking around a bit, I decided the best way to do this was to block port 80 to the kids' machine after 9:00PM. To surf the web, you need port 80 open on most machines and setups. If that port is closed, you cannot get to the internet.

DD-WRT for NETGEAR WGR614L Installation Guide

It's great to see the official release of DD-WRT for the NETGEAR WGR614L. The firmware can be downloaded from this page. Below are the steps to install this firmware to the NETGEAR WGR614L.

DD-WRT Firmware Now Available for NETGEAR WGR614L

The moment you've all been waiting for is here. You can now unleash the power of the DD-WRT custom router firmware on your NETGEAR WGR614L Open Source Router!

Some of the highlights of v24 of the DD-WRT firmware include:

WNHDEB111 Wireless-N Networking Kit by NETGEAR - Review and Unboxing

Recently, myself and Matt Whitlock, from, were able to test out the new WNHDEB111 Wireless-N Networking Kit (or "bridge" as some call it) from NETGEAR. Historically, my experiences with networking have usually been rife with stress and difficulties in getting everything to sync up and work properly.

Ping - Explained

If you have been just getting into routers, networking and upgrades, you probably have seen a lot of folks talk about pinging.

This should help you understand this utility.

PING is short for Packet InterNet Groper, ping is a utility used to verify if a network data packet is capable of being distributed to an address without errors. The ping utility is commonly used to check for network errors.

Tomato Firmware for WGR614L Review - v1.11.041510

This review is about the latest release of the Tomato firmware released on 17 th April.

Firmware Name - tomato_wgr614l.chk

WGR614L and TFTP on Windows

Using Windows to send an image to your WGR614L is a little more tricky than using Linux. The reason why is because of how the CFE works or is designed - the CFE is the bootloader for the router. It initializes all the basic components on your router, then it looks for a image to boot.

The bootloader basically only waits 3 seconds. If you have not sent or started a tftp session in that time, or at that time, it closes tftp and tries to boot the image that is already on it.

WGR614L Router Setup and Installation Guide

This article will show you how to install and configure your NETGEAR WGR614L for most standard setups.

For most folks, the installation is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. But, If you have a more complicated setup as I do, this article will also answer some of your questions, and help you get going.

If this is the first time you are hooking up a router into your system, or if you have a small and non-complicated setup, NETGEAR makes it fairly easy with their Setup Wizard.

WGR614L Firmware Upgrade Using Console and Bootloader

As a developer what saves my board and day most of the time is the serial console and boot-loaders’ ability to download/upload firmware. Even when the something goes badly wrong with the firmware you just compiled - you can use the boot loader to get back to a running firmware and try to debug your under development firmwares.