Configuring NETGEAR WGR614L with DD-WRT as a RADIUS Client

Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol that provides centralized access, authorization, and accounting management for people or computers to connect and use a network service.

A RADIUS setup basically consists of an authenticator / RADIUS client, an authentication server and a user client.

One needs to perform the following steps on the NETGEAR WGR614L with DD-WRT firmware installed to configure it as a RADIUS client:

Step 1: Set Radius Parameters in DD-WRT

Go to Wireless/Radius page and set RADIUS parameters as shown in the photo below.

Mac Radius Client: Enable

MAC Format: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Radius Auth Server Address:

Radius Auth Server Port: 1812

Maximum Unauthenticated Users: 0

Radius Auth Shared Secret: (your password)

Override Radius if Server Is Unavailable: Yes

One can also select a shared key for Password Format.

After this, click apply settings to update the configuration.

Step 2: Set Wireless/Wireless Security Parameters

Next, go to the Wireless/Wireless Security page and set the parameters as shown below:

Security Mode: WPA Enterprise

WPA Algorithm: fxIP

Radius Auth Server Address:

Radius Auth Server Port: 1812

Radius Auth Shared Secret: (your password)

Key Renewal Interval (in seconds): 3600

For security we can choose WPA2 or RADIUS also. If security mechanism is RADIUS, then WEP is used for encryption.

Click apply settings and your board is ready to act as an authenticator or RADIUS client. 

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