How To Use DD-WRT To Create Multiple SSID's on One Router (For Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Other Uses)

Several newer versions of DD-WRT, including many builds that we have available on the community, support the ability to set up virtual SSID's.

Having multiple SSID's with various encryption methods solves several problems that you may be having.  For example, what if you have a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP game system that does not properly support the newest forms of wireless encryption?  What if you want to let others in your home or office use your wireless connection, but don't want to expose your primary password?  Setting up separate SSID's can solve this problem, and it's much easier than you might think.

Important Note: Having separate SSID's does not necessarily guarantee security in any way. For example, if you have one WEP SSID and one WPA SSID, the one with WEP can be hacked much more easily and allow intruders into your network.  You can hide SSID's for added security, but that in no way ensures you won't be intruded upon.  Use WEP encryption on any network with appropriate caution.

Step 1: Perform a Full Reset

You may not like this, but lots of folks on the DD-WRT forums and elsewhere have had problems with doing this on a "non-fresh" router.  You should follow the steps outlined here to reset your router's flash to factory settings before attempting to complete this tutorial.

Step 2: Add a Virtual Interface

Head over to your Wireless settings tab, then the Basic tab, as shown in the photo.  Then, click "Add" in the Virtual Interfaces section at the bottom.

Step 3: Configure your Virtual Interface

Now, you'll need to configure your virtual interface (your second SSID.)  Above, I named it "ddwrtNDS" as I plan on using it with my Nintendo DS system, which does not support WPA encryption.  Leave the options as shown above, although for added security you can choose to turn Broadcast off.

Step 4: Configure Encryption

Now, since you have two wireless interfaces (one physical, one virtual) you can set up separate encryption schemes and keys for each.  This will enable you to use older devices that only support WEP on the same router that contains your regular, more secure WPA or WPA2 connection.


This is a very simple trick that is extremely useful for those who own portable game systems or older gadgets, as well as other applications.  Please try out this tutorial and let us know what you think and if it works well for you!

JohnH's picture
Worked like a charm. Thanks.

Worked like a charm. Thanks.

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Works just fine, but...

Works just fine, but...

Now my router is open to WEP, a hackable protocol.

Can I apply MAC filters to just this interface (wl0.1)?
The MAC Filter GUI only lists wl0.

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Hello Peter,

Hello Peter,
Is it also possible to have more than 2 SSID's to set up ?
Or is2 the maximum ?