KWGR614 Software Specifications

The NETGEAR Wireless-G open source router (KWGR614) is a customizable open source product. At its heart is a Linux operating system, which can be customized and modified at will by users to arrive at customer software applications or to achieve custom functionality / optimizations.

The KWGR614 is running Linux 2.4.26.

The following table lists the functional modules of the KWGR614 router and the source and versions of the different modules. More information on these functional modules can be obtained directly from the source of the packages...

Module Package Version Location (directory)
NAT/NAPT RomeDriver-Realtek 3.6.3 linux-2.4.x/drivers/net/re865x/rtl865x
RIPv1/RIPv2 Copyright 2005, DNI 1.0.0 user/ripd
DHCP udhcpd/udhcpc - Busybox V1.00-pre2 0.9.10 user/busybox/networking/udhcp
DNS Proxy Dnrd 2.17.2 user/dnrd-dnshijack
Dynamic DNS ez-ipupdate 3.0.11b7 user/ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b7
Web Server BOA 0.94 user/boa
UPNP Copyright 2005, DNI 1.0.0 user/upnp
Telstra Bpalogin V2.0 user/bpalogin
Email Smtpclient 1.0.0 user/smtpclient
Schedule Crond of Busybox V1.00-pre2 1.0.0 user/busybox/miscutils/crond.c
PPP/PPPoE Pppd 2.3.8 user/pppd
PPTP Client pptp-client 1.3.1 user/pptp-client
Ntpclient Copyright 2005, DNI 1.0.0 user/ntpclient
Miscellaneous Copyright 2005, DNI 1.0.0 user/dniutil, user/init
Wireless driver Copyright Realtek 1.12 linux-2.4.x/drivers/net/wireless/rtl8185
L2TP l2tpd 0.69 user/l2tpd
Iptables iptables 1.2.7a user/iptables