NETGEAR GS605AV Home Theater and Gaming Network Switch

These days with all the networked devices in the home you can run out of the standard 4-5 LAN ports available on most routers.  I found myself in this situation with my WNR3500L.  Here, I had a 1.0 Gbps capable router and more devices to connect to it than it had ports!

This is where a network switch comes in handy.  A network switch is a small device that you can plug several networked devices into, and then plug one cable from your router into, and all the things you have plugged into the switch will perform as if they are plugged into the router themselves.

However, if you have a high performance router - you need a high perfomance  switch to connect to it. That is where the GS605AV Home Theater and Gaming Network Switch really shines.

I upgraded to it because not only does it have a 1Gbps speed, but it also does some other very cool things. It has an auto power-down mode to save energy when ports are unused, and an Auto Green mode that detects cable length and adjusts power usage to save energy.

I already knew that with the 1.0Gbps speed, it would handle any networked TV, DVR, blu-ray player, game console and cable/satellite receiver that I needed, but was a bit skeptical about all this "Green" stuff they were talking about.

But... not only did it handle all my needs, but if it is powering down to save energy - I did not see any issues while using it.  This means the Green features were working as promised without sacrificing network performance.

The GS605AV is very easy to setup and use. It comes with color coded ports that you simply plug your internet devices into based on what they are.

As you can see, the ports are color coded with the suggestions of what you should plug into each port.

There is no setup required or any special programs you need to run to get this box going.  Simply plug it in, connect your devices and you are all set.

Your router will act as if everything is connected directly to it, and you will be maximizing your LAN speeds with no effort.

After several months of using this switch I can highly recommend it. This baby just works! It does what they say it does and it is one of the best "plug in and forget it" devices that you will ever use.

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