R6200v1/R6200v2 Guides & How-To

Recover your NETGEAR R6200v1/v2 Router (Broadcom Based) using Serial Console and Windows PC

Hopefully you will never have to refer to this tutorial, but for people who like to play with their routers, it sometimes happens -- you accidentally "brick" your router. This tutorial enables you to recover your router by flashing stock firmware back again using serial console and windows PC.

How to Set Up a Serial Console for NETGEAR R6200v2


How to Set Up a Serial Console for NETGEAR R6200v1


How to Flash Firmware on your NETGEAR Router (Broadcom Based) using Linux and a USB-TTL Cable

This tutorial guides users to install firmware into their Broadcom(BRCM) based Netgear router from a linux machine, using USB-TTL cable.

How to Update your Netgear R6200v2 to DD-WRT Open Source Firmware

This article describes the steps required for firmware upgrade in R6200v2. Here I use OEM firmware downloaded from the NETGEAR support site and DD-WRT firmware downloaded from here.

Quick Review and Specifications: NETGEAR R6200 Wireless 802.11ac High Speed Router

The NETGEAR R6200 WiFi Router delivers next generation WiFi speeds. 802.11ac technology offers better range for mobile devices with speeds up to 867 Mbps.