DD-WRT Kong Mod for NETGEAR R7800 and R7500v2 Updated

More updates coming along today -- this time for R7800 and R7500v2 owners. Once again, thanks to Kong and the open source community for their hard work.

Download the new build for the R7800 here and the R7500v2 here! Note that if you are flashing from NETGEAR stock firmware, you will need to start with the .IMG file available from Kong's site, then proceed with the latest update from the DD-WRT interface.

Harry Houdini
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Just purchased the R7800, I

Just purchased the R7800, I want to use NordVPN on the router. I am new to this, so please bear with me. It is my understanding that I need to flash the 7800 with a DD-WRT .img build, which one I am not sure? Then once that has been completed, I need to proceed with flashing the router with .bin updates?


Thank you!

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Newb here with same question.


(Step 1)  Flash with IMG file?


(Step 2) Flash with Bin file?


Just want to make sure it is correct as I just purchased an R7800 after bricking my R7000.

Peter Redmer
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Yes, as noted in the post you

Yes, as noted in the post you will head to Kong's site and perform the "initial" flash with the .IMG file for the R7800. Then, you can update to the latest Kong DD-WRT by flashing the appropriate .BIN file (normally used for DD-WRT -> DD-WRT upgrade.) For future upgrades, you will only need the .BIN file.

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Thank you very much.  I'll

Thank you very much.  I'll cross my fingers.

King Zog
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Can anyone please confirm if

Can anyone please confirm if this software will work with my D7800 v2 ?

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I have tried reverting back

I have tried reverting back to stock firmrware i go to Administration > Firmware Upgrade > upload the file ddwr-netgearR7500v2 but after every reset it comes back to the ddwrt firmware. I am missing anything? Since I upgraded to the latest kong ddwrt my speeds for wifie 5G have been poor only getting 50-70Mbps while on the netgear stock firmware i was getting 200Mbps. Please advise thanks.