DD-WRT "Kong Mod" Now Available for NETGEAR R6400

Famous firmware developer Kong has released his flavor of DD-WRT for the NETGEAR R6400 wireless router. Snag it here.


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SO glad to have this over

SO glad to have this over stock Netgear firmware.  One question - is it just me, or is is anyone else having the network hang up every few hours or so?  Seems to require a power cycle to get it going again.

I'll keep my eye on it.  I'm also sending syslog and netflow data off to remote servers to see if I can catch anything useful.  

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Does Kong's build give you

Does Kong's build give you better control over the traffic monitoring? Netgear's default traffic meter sucks.  It gives you total DL/UP but I'm looking for something more granual.  Preferably knowing the DL/UP of each device.

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Traffic monitoring on DD-WRT

Traffic monitoring on DD-WRT in general is significantly improved over the stock firmware.  In addition, you can send NetFlow data to a netflow collector and analyze things that way, plus, with iptables forwarding, you can essentially do port mirroring and use Wireshark to analyze all data that goes through your router.

You can't monitor per-device transfers without one of these external tools, but you would not be able to do any of that with stock firmware.


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Yes - I am having a similar

Yes - I am having a similar issue. When I go to bed at 11PM it is up, then come home from work at 5PM the next day, no wireless. Wired is still working though...

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Mine has ceased having

Mine has ceased having problems since the couple of days of installing.  That was back on 2016-06-19, so it's been stable for three months now.  I didn't do anything except let it run.


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Is there a way to install the

Is there a way to install the chk from command line? I was trying to do ddup --flash-latest but get a 404. 

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Anyone know of a way to

Anyone know of a way to disable the lights on this router like the stock firmware. I can not run that stock firmware it is garbage.