DD-WRT "Kong Mod" Now Available for NETGEAR R8500 Nighthawk

The wait is over! Firmware maestro Kong has released his DD-WRT build for the NETGEAR R8500.

Download it here and post your results and experiences on the R8500 Open Source Firmware forum!

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I did flash the R8500 2 times

I did flash the R8500 2 times.

I still have a bricked router.

I just flash the dd-wrt.K3_R8500.ckh.

Is it any thing else I mus do.

At this point only the original firmware works.

Best regards.


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I see several people. Have

I see several people. Have bricked their outer with this mod and many unusabe R8500s on eBay for sale. Are there clear instructions for a newbie to install this mod with a 8gb flash drive? I don't see a step by step anywhere. Thanks for the patience and help.