FCC Locking Down Open Source Firmware?

We at the MyOpenRouter team are very concerned about this development, although it seems the truth and real intention behind the FCC's actions are unclear.

What do you think?

Read a full synopsis at Ars Technica.

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Hope this does not happen

Hope this does not happen

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I think the FCC (or

I think the FCC (or Government) has an alternate agenda on this issue. A normal router will put out less than 1 Watt, and if you jack that up they say it interfers with stuff (still don't knowwhat). Anyways, the smart meter they just put on all our houses puts out 2.5 Watts constantly. You would think that would cause some interference or health problems, but it's allowed. I think they just don't want extra security on our devices, so they can keeps tabs on us. They are using the RF as an excuse. Just my opinion.