FCC Will Not Ban!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began discussing the potential ban of open source firmware on WiFi routers in March of 2015.  According to Thomas Claburn’s article “FCC: No Ban On Open Source Firmware” on Informationweek.com, the understanding of this proposal was that “third parties (should not be) able to reprogram the device to operate outside of the parameters for which the device was certified.”


The use of open source firmware will allow routers to be more powerful and increase their functionality. We all know how important it is to the networking community to continue to be able to do so.


With the help and understanding provided by many enthusiasts within the community of open source firmware (like the awesome folks here at MyOpenRouter!) the FCC has modified its proposal to allow open source firmware.   The FCC did however forbid adjustments that would create a router that is “out of compliance.”


More information and details can be found on the web: