NETGEAR R7500 Receives Firmware Update with Additions and Fixes

R7500 Firmware Version

  • Supports NAT loopback feature.
  • Supports HDD more than 3TB size which is in HFS+ file system.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless driver to fix the wireless connection unstable issue.
  • Fixed the issue where Dynamic QoS record disappears.
  • Fixed the issue where user can’t access ReadySHARE USB drive for password protected shares.
  • Fixed the issue where user can’t reserve an IP address outside the DHCP pool.
  • Fixed the security issue related to ReadySHARE Print function.
  • Fixed the issue where user can’t work with iTunes Server 12.1 version.
  • Fixed the issue where "Turn off wireless signal by schedule" is not working when the "Automatically adjust for daylight savings time" option is checked.

Known issues & bugs & Limitation

  • With regards to Apple's Time Machine backup function, Nighthawk X4 R7500 Router only supports NTFS, EXT4, EXT3, EXT2, HFS+ in Journal, HFS+ in non-journal file system. R7500 does not support FAT16, FAT32 file format for Apple Time machine backup at the moment.
  • R7500 support maximum backup file size up to 500GByte now for Apple Time Machine backup.


drh2020's picture
Dont you mean

Dont you mean

I got to your link and there is no version


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the 92 version was pulled a

the 92 version was pulled a few weeks ago due to many problems.  82 is the current release right now

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I just got and it is

I just got and it is dramatic improvement for the GUI and also for my wifi speeds!


I'm so happy it starts to behave as what they really sold .

I had so many gui lag...the only thing that is still going slow is the Basic tab for some reason.

And I also don't like the openvpn choice, because it forces the "allow ping from the internet" to be on... this makes us prone to scanners that are looking for life ip adresses :-(