Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7500v1, R7800, Entware-ng

Developer Voxel is new on the MyOpenRouter scene, and was determined to find a way for advanced users to get the most from their R7500v1 and R7800v1 NETGEAR routers. These custom firmwares, made by Voxel especially for these devices, leverages Entware-ng to unlock more power and features from these routers. Voxel cites improvements in OpenVPN speeds, improvements of SAMBA file transfer and FTP server speeds, the ability to set up your own web server on Entware-ng, and even set up your own Tor/Privoxy!

If you are an advanced user or a developer who wants to try Voxel's optimized firmwares, head over to the R7500v1 download page or the R7800 download page to get started.

Reading Voxel's README is highly recommended; many details have been included there to help you get started with these packages. Support files are available via each individual download link as well.

Thank you Voxel for your hard work and your contribution to the MyOpenRouter community!