VPN Performance on the NETGEAR R9000 with DD-WRT

The team here is curious -- have you installed DD-WRT open source firmware on your NETGEAR R9000 router? And, are you using the OpenVPN client functionality to protect your personal privacy? Kong's update of DD-WRT for the R9000 includes updates that leverage the hardware for even faster speeds when using OpenVPN.

We're regularly seeing sustained speeds of over 80 Mbps when using OpenVPN with a major, popular provider. How is your performance? Let us know your experiences, comments, and the performance you are seeing with the latest builds in the R9000 open source forums.


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DL is 58.38 and UL is 93.28

DL is 58.38 and UL is 93.28 Mbps running openVPN through a blowfish cipher channeling through a nearly Gbps FIOS internet connection.

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The new version

The new version

DD-WRT Kong Mod for NETGEAR R9000 (2019-05-25 BIN) 

nearly doubled my speed from the previos build.