Opening the WGR614L

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Opening the WGR614L

How is it done? what size Torx screw is it?

Does the serial console cable need to be soldered in or is it a jumper block that I just plug it into?

 I bricked my router and I'm trying to recover it...the power light stays on steadily then starts blinking, I can't ping the router, I can't view the router config page, the test light doesn't blink, or go off anymore, so I think I can recover it with the serial console cable.

 Speaking of which, anyone know where I can get a good deal on one?

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T3 or T4 torx driver will

T3 or T4 torx driver will work.

You need to solder a 0.1" pitch 6 pin header. (or if your board is one of the ones with holes already filled with solder then you can directly solder wires there). For the console cables there are many options but the one I use is FTDI TTL-232R-3V3. I got mine at Mouser at $20. Make sure you connect the right wires. You will only need the GND, RX and TX.

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 Hmm... I'm not doubting you,

 Hmm... I'm not doubting you, but it looks like a T9 or a T8 would fit these screws on the bottom of this thing.

 Also... did you have that header laying around, or do you know where I can find one?  What significance is the pitch?

 I may order a new solder iron and stuff in one shot if I can...I think this router would be indestructible if I fixed it.

 Speaking of which, do you think it's saveable by the serial console?

 At bootup, the power light stays on constantly, while the test light stays on solid...never blinks; after a few seconds, or if you try to ping the router, the power light starts blinking constantly.  Lan functionality seems to still partially work, however I can't ping the router, or access the config page.

If you hold the reset button on the back while you power it on, the power light will stay constant until you let go, then it starts blinking again.

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Quick update...I fixed the

Quick update...I fixed the thing after all, apparently it was waiting for me to shoot it some firmware...I tftp'd the stock netgear firmware into it after manually setting up my network ip settings, and it finished itself up.

 I have a 6 pin header plus the serial console on the way though, so this router's practically indestructible :)

Brandon C
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Nachi said:  Make sure you

Nachi said:  Make sure you connect the right wires. You will only need the GND, RX and TX.

How do you know which ones are the GND, RX and TX?

Peter Redmer
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We've just published an

We've just published an article by BrandonC showing how to recover the WGR614L router using a serial console and cable. I thought this may be of interest to those participating in this thread!

You can find the article here:

Recover Your WGR614L Using A Serial Console & Windows