WGR614v8 and WGR614L Same Router?

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WGR614v8 and WGR614L Same Router?

I went to my local frys this morning to check out their weekly sale, and I noticed that they have the standard WGR614 back on regular price from $29.99 to $44.99.  Across the shelve they have the Opensource model, WGR614L priced at $69.99.  I checked both items and noticed that the standard packaging WGR614 and opensource model WGR614L have the same router version 8.

Are these the same routers???  Did netgear mess up in the packaging?  

Just last week I purchased two version 9 from frys with thier sale price of $29.99.  If the standard packaging contains the sought after version 8, then I will exchange both the version 9 for the version 8.

What do you all think????

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yes, wgr614v8 and 614L is the

yes, wgr614v8 and 614L is the same router. But there was an issue with one of the distributors and a few V9 versions was shipped out by mistake with 614v8 label. So the cheaper one may not be the v8.