DIR-300 stuck halfway through firware upgrade

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DIR-300 stuck halfway through firware upgrade

Hi guys,

Tried configuring DIR-300 but for some strange reason, I was not able to connect to it using the wired ethernet port. So got to its web config utility @ only after connecting to it wireless. Tried configuring the router with ADSL modem to set up home LAN with internet facility but was not entirely successful. In the mean time, did a quick search on net and thought to upgrade the firmware and did the huge mistake.

Since there was no access to web config utility by wired interface, I chose to use the wireless interface to perform part one (DIR-300_to_OSWave_Intermediary_Firmware.bin) of the firmware upgrade state in the above link and it did perform accordingly. However, post that upgrade there was no wireless signal and since i was not able to connect to the router with wired interface, I am not able to do anything more.

Current status: I can connect devices on LAN port and get it DHCPed by the incoming WAN from ADSL modem. But no wireless and there is no way i can get to web config page.

Is there any way i can connect to my router config utility using wired interface?

Thanks in advance!

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The intermediary firmware

The intermediary firmware probably doesn't have wireless support or DHCP. Try using LAN and static IP to do the next step.

Anyway, OSwave is a commercial product and DIR-300 is not a Netgear, shouldn't you contact OSwave for support instead?

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Thanks for the advise. I will

Thanks for the advise. I will contact OSwave to see what can be done.