router + Hdd

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router + Hdd

Hello guys,

 I'm new here,hope you can help me

I'm looking for open Linux based router with up to 4 RJ45 ports, with built in slot for adding 2.5" HDD (mandatory) where I will add my own application, I need to rum Tomcat, MySQl.

Any suggestion of such appliance?






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Take a look at http://www

Take a look at

random walker
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I have an NSLU2 slug running

I have an NSLU2 slug running Linux ( plugged into the WGR614v8. The NSLU2 is really cheap (around $42) and I have a 750 GB hard-disk attached, running NFS+CIFS along with other stuff. If the WGR614L has USB ports on its board, I dont see why you cant attach th HDD directly and have your webserver running directly on the router.

You could of-course put the boards for the WGR614 and the NSLU2 into a single package with a slot for HDD like you want it, given that the NSLU2 has a fairly well tested open-source base to work on.