Netgear Adapter keeps scanning for Channels

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Netgear Adapter keeps scanning for Channels

My netgear adapter keeps scanning for channels. I have it plugged into the usb port of a dell computer running windows xp. It has worked for fine for almost 4 months and then suddenly stopped working. I don't know what the problem is but have tried a number of solutions to no avail.

1. I have reset the router, it didn't work

2. I changed the router SSID name, the adapter can see the new SSID name but continues to scan for channels.

2. I have set WEP security settings in the router interface and made sure they matched the Adapter client and that didn't work.

3. I have set up WAP settings both WAP and WAP2, made sure they matched in the adapter client to no avail.

4. I have reinstalled the adapter client software trying both version 2 and 3 of the software.Didn't work.

I don't know what else to do, the adapter client keeps scanning and I have changed the channel in the router interface, it didn't work.

The Adapter client keeps telling me I need a WEP or WAP passphrase and I keep giving it one and it doesn't help, it keeps scanning for channels.  I think at this point I should purchase a new wireless router. Please help, this is a most challenging problem.

Here is my info:

Netgear Wireless USB Adapter - WG111v3

Netgear Wireless Router WGR614v7

The router is connected to a charter broadband modem.

I'm mostly a mac guy, I don't know much about windows, but the software operating system is Windows XP.

Thnak you for any help anybody can give me on this.

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Tathagata Das said:

Tathagata Das said:
It is not the problem of the router. I think it is the problem of Netgear adapter configuration. I guess this adapter maintains profile of APs. It might be happened that earlier it was connected to the AP having WAP or WEP security. Now it is trying to use the same configuration to connect to the AP.
You can try with following steps.
1. Remove all profiles from your adapter.
2. Disable all wireless security of the AP router.
3. Scan through your adapter. It should show the AP list.
4. Add the AP that you want to connect.
Hope this will solve your problem.
Sometimes it also happens that wireless adapter tries to get DHCP IP address from AP and there is no DHCP server running on the AP. So please check that part also.


Thank you for your reply. I should have also let you know that I'm a newbie at this. 

1. How do I remove all profiles from the adapter?

2. I can disable the wireless security through the router interface.

3. How do I scan through the adapter?

I check the DHCP server on the router interface as well?