Getting a upnp bug fixed in tomato?

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Getting a upnp bug fixed in tomato?

I've been tracking down a bug in an online game and have found that some of the uPnP information that tomato is reporting is causing an error.  It's reporting a url-base as and a relative controlURL with its own leading slash /uuid:....  My game is pretty stupid and is concatenating the two together to make this URL

and tomato is not happy with that extra slash in the URL.  But, it seems that if tomato is going to report its base URL with a trailing slash, and its relative control url with a leading slash, that it should be robust enough to accept the extra slash from a braindead client.

 Anyways, this is a one-liner change in a file within the tomato source.  What's the best way to get a change into the next build?  Also, are the steps online here on the forum for building the firmware for the netgear router sufficient to build for my Asus 500 premium?



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I think the steps to build a

I think the steps to build a firmware will give a working f/w only if u have applied the proper patches in original tomato code or if u have a code base that already contains these patches ....
I dnt think that using the f/w building steps with the original tomato code will give a working f/w ...
If u have a code base with these patches , u can make ur changes in that code base and get a build which dz not contains the bug reported by u ...