Asus WL-520GU and webcam

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Asus WL-520GU and webcam

Hi folks, I have wifi router Asus WL-520GU with DD-WRT standart version.

So, I would like to running my webcam Genius Express on this router connecting by USB. Pictures I want to saving to my PC server(Windows Server 2003) connecting by LAN to router. But, I do not know how. I am a beginner with this firmware and with Linux... Can you help me? Thank you! 


Sorry for my English, but I am a advanced beginner.

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Haloo folks, can you help me

Haloo folks, can you help me please?

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Could u elaborate ur set up a

Could u elaborate ur set up a bit ... ur set up is not clear to me as I have no exp with web cam genius ...
If u could shed some light on ur setup then may be I can provide u some help ..

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What configuration? I wrote

What configuration? I wrote this already. I do not know, what you want more...?

This web cam is classical simply camera from Genius with USB port.

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Zdrav?m m?m stejn? router a

Zdrav?m m?m stejn? router a webcameru Microsoft LifeCam 3000. Porad?te mi pros?m jak ji připojit a jak? firmware pou??t? Jak se v?m povedlo ?e kamera fungovala? Děkuji