Connectivity issues

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Connectivity issues

Hello all.  I have the WNR3500L router and have a few problems.  Here's hoping that you can help me out.

can connect to the internet without any issues, but I seem to have a
problem with my incoming connections.  The power light and internet
light are both green and the wi-fi light is blue, but the "1" light
(which is the PC that the router is connected to) is orange  So is any
other port light that I am physically connected to (including my
xbox).  To my knowledge, this indicates an issue with connectivity.

have a Xbox with XBMC on it and, whenever I check to see if the xbox is
connected (via pings and FTP programs and even checking my "connected
devices" router status) it says everything is okay.  However, when I
search for the network via the xbmc, it can't find the network (meaning
that I can't stream any information from my PC or laptops to my TV). 
Now, with my other Netgear router (WPN824) I resolved this issue by
having a static IP address on both my PC and router which brings me to
my final issue...

 3)I simply can't set up a static IP address
for my router.  Now, my PC has a static address, but when I go to give
my router one, I can not connect to the internet afterwards.  I even
run the test in the basic setting, which says that everything is cool,
but when I go to open a web page, nothing. 

I have been looking
online for answers and have tried everything I can think of under the
sun...twice!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I thank you all
in advance.

Brandon C
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You want to give your router

You want to give your router a static IP? Do you mean you want to change your Internet connection type from like DHCP to Static? If you are changing that you need to know what the IP address, Subnet and Gateway addresses are for your WAN/Internet.

I doubt that is your problem. It may just be a security setting in your router setup causing the problem.