Lost security keys

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Lost security keys

I lost the security keys (#'S) Now I want to add a new computer. What can I do?

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What firmware you using?

What firmware you using? would be helpful..... on dd-wrt though its like this...
either 2 things, hard reset your router and start again from scratch...bummer!
or if you can telnet to the router you should be able to get your info from looking at the processes. should look something like this.

105 1 root S 1584 5.4 0.0 resetbutton
567 1 root S 1532 5.2 0.0 nas -P /tmp/nas.wl0lan.pid -H 34954 -l br0 -i eth1 -A -m 128 -k 1t2w3g4r5h6 -s dd-wrt_g -w 4 -g 3600
317 1 root S 1508 5.1 0.0 process_monitor

as you see line 567 shows your password, not a security problem so long as your the only admin with telnet access.

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Thanks I'll give it a try. If

Thanks I'll give it a try. If not I'll do the hard reset.