Tomato and Optware

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Tomato and Optware

Hi I just jumped ship from Kong Mod (ddwrt) To tomato and i have to say its very stable and seems to be working better than any previous build i have tried. But I want to run Optware on it and it seems the procedure is different for tomato and I was wondering if anyone is running optware on their wnr3500l and how they did it?

I want to be able to run transmission and samba even though dlna seems to be running pretty well.

The hard drive i want to run it off has a 465 ntfs partition and a 1gb ext3 partition.

I found a site that has a script but it looks like it formats the drive and partitions it which is something i don't want because i have the hard drive about 350gb full and that would take forever to back up and restore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've configured without

I've configured without reformatting. Better to use ext3 partition.
Create an Optware folder on your partition.
In USB and NAS > USB support, insert this script in the 'Run after Mounting' box (Automount is selected):
# Mount Opt to Flash Drive of Choice

if [ -d /mnt/sda1 ]; then     <== Adapt here if necessary

(sh /tmp/scripts/ aoss 5000 6 off) & echo Flashing LED 

 mount -o noatime -t ext3 -obind /mnt/sda1/Optware /opt      <= Adapt here


# Flash LED

(sh /tmp/scripts/ aoss 125000 5 off) & echo Flashing LED

In the 'Run Before unmounting':

sleep 2

# Flash LED

(sh /tmp/scripts/ aoss 350000 3 off) & echo Flashing LED


The only thing I made was creating a swap partition on my harddrive, with a permanent entry in /etc/fstab:

/dev/sda2 none swap sw 0 0

(without forgetting nvram setfile2nvram /etc/fstab and nvram commit to modify fstab in nvram)
After rebooting your should have an a correct /opt folder (verify with df command via telnet or ssh).
Then via Telnet or ssh:
wget -O - | tr -d '\r' > /tmp/

chmod +x /tmp/optware-install.shsh


sleep 5

ipkg update

sleep 5

And it's done.

I've followed:

You have some hints here:

But they don't use the 'Folder Method' for /opt.