Dual USB HDD and Mirroring the Two

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Dual USB HDD and Mirroring the Two

I currently have an external USB HDD (ext3 file system) attached to my WNR3500L and set up as a simple NAS for my Linux/Windows network.

I understand that it is possible, using the command line, to attach a second HDD to my WNR3500L using a powered USB hub. How this is done, is something I still have to learn. My aim is to have my primary HDD mirrored to my secondary HDD, to cover any primary HDD failure.

My question is, is it possible to configure my DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/20/10) vpnkong firmware so that my primary HDD is mirrored to this second HDD?

Brandon C
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I would think once the hard

I would think once the hard drives are setup you could install rsync or a similar program to mirror the drives.
You would have to do something like ssh into the router, install rsync and then create a startup script for it.