DD-WRT WNDR3800 Feedback

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DD-WRT WNDR3800 Feedback

Just installed the latest from Brainslayer and I'm very pleasantly surprised after having used tomato and shibby for a while.


Not only is the gui very light and fast but there are features like the 3g WAN connectivity that are a pleasant and welcome addition.  I thought I had to go with Shibby, but that's not necessary.

The ipv6 tunneling isn't quite so friendly, but there is a nice script example out there that did the job for me.


In short, i'm impressed.  It's doing what I want and the processor is much faster than my old 3500L and I have the 5ghz band to use.


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hi solsidan,

hi solsidan,
can you please tell this forum what are the steps you actually followed to have ipv6 tunneling ?