Help my Tomato Will not enable my wirless

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Help my Tomato Will not enable my wirless

Hello everyone i have a Wndr3300 and i just loaded tomato 1.28 on it , but the problem is that it is not broadcasting a wireless signal . when i go to the overview it says that my Radio is disabled i tried to enable it but it doesn't work, what am i doing wrong, my other computers can not see the router via wireless, Also i tried to go back to netgear original firmware but i get a error saying "invalid header" what is happening, can someone please help get my Wireless to work or walk me thru getting back to original firmware, i am using windows 7 64 bit.

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I am going to assume (which i

I am going to assume (which i hate doing) that you used the plain vanilla version of tomato 1.28? Which probably doesn't have support for the WNDR3300, i would try to upgrade to a more recent toastman or shibby build then re-try your wireless.

Early versions of tomato only support WRT54G type units, or units that basically use the same older chipset that the wrt54g uses, later units, such as the WNDR3300 weren't supported with the early tomato builds.