R6300 -DD-WRT - Running slow

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R6300 -DD-WRT - Running slow

I flashed dd onto my r6300, after about 2wks of running the stock firmware.

With the stock firmware, the router performed better then any router I have ever used.

After flashing dd, my Internet connection speed was faster(3mb up, 61mb down, ping - 9ms), on the 5ghz band. After about 3hrs, I noticed webpages were loading very slowly, I did a test again and my results were, .5 up, .17 down, ping was 347ms. 

When I flashed I did the 30-30-30 etc., and followed all the procedures to a "T".

After the slow test, I reset to factory defaults, rebooted and tried again. My speed test was the same.

I reflashed with the stock firmware and my speeds went back up again.

2.72mb up, 51 down, ping - 11ms.

I am just wondering if anybody has had the same experience, or any advice.

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Which "Wireless Width" and

Which "Wireless Width" and "Wireless Channel" are you using ??

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See commentary:http://www
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I thought I'd contribute here

I thought I'd contribute here. I flashed my R6300 today and tested performance internally. My findings were that DD-WRT provided roughtly 1/2 the throughput on the 5GHz channel and a bit less than that on 2.4GHz.

I tested multiple variants including channels, security (none to some), etc.

I'm hopeful future releases will address this because although a promising start the stock firmware is unfortunately necessary.

For some metrics, with Netgear 5GHz I'm getting roughtly 20MB/s and with WW-DRT just shy of 11MB/s avg.