Accidentally flashed non RT-N version on WNR3500L/v2

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Accidentally flashed non RT-N version on WNR3500L/v2

To make a long story short,

seems to indicate that it links to 1.28.7503 but (at least for me) actually downloads 1.28.0503.  I successfully flashed it and had it running but was experiencing problems setting up my VPN client.


I had 1.28.7503 (non-RT-N) from an install on an older WNR3500 and, in haste, I flashed it to my WNR3500L/v2.  Now I appear to be hooped.

The device's power light glows solid orange.

The device enthusiastically responds to ping


I can't open the login screen in a web brower.

I can't telnet to the router; I tried telnet from a cmd window but get the following message Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed

Help.  Is there any way to get me up and running?


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Update.... it no longer

Update.... it no longer responds to Ping (and likely never did).

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Looks like a bad flash. YouÂ

Looks like a bad flash. You´ll have to get USB to RS232 TTL Adapter, open up your router and connect the serial adapter to flash it with the original firmware.
You can find those adapters on ebay.
You can check the guide from here

I've had the same problem with the same model as you.
Hope that helps.