Basic, but important questions

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Basic, but important questions

Hello! New member from Sweden here!

I recently bought a WNR3500Lv2, and I have got some basic questions, but it's important that I get them answered, so I appreciate every reply in this thread :)


1. Which custom firmware suits my needs best? My needs are pretty straight forward. I want the ability to change DNS so that i can control if I want my Chromecast to communicate with Googles DNS Server or not (since Googles DNS Server is hardcoded into the device). I also want to be able to set up a VPN within the router. And last, I want to be able to stream media content from an external USB hard drive using the router.

2. When streaming media content from WNR3500Lv2, do I have to unplug my external USB hard drive from the router when ever I am NOT using it, because I am afraid the USB hard drive will be active even if it's not in use (i.e. keepikg the disc spinning and running)?


Merry Christmas!!!

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I am not friendly with

I am not friendly with streaming media but I would suggest you DD-WRT firmware for your other two requirements(DNS server and VPN).