QOS information?

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QOS information?

Hi all,

I have only had this router for a few days, I first tried out the Netgear firmware but at the moment for me there QOS system seems to cause some problems so I thought that I would try a Kong build of DD-WRT.

I am interested in QOS, I have quite a fast internet connection at 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up but I would like to make sure that the following devices in the house have enough available bandwidth to stream internet video whilst other tasks are going on.

  1. 2 iPads (wireless)
  2. PS4 (wired)
  3. Gaming PC (wired)

These devices will mainly be used for streaming video, like Netflix and Twitch.tv on the iPads and then gaming on the PS4 and Gaming PC, there are other wireless devices in the house also that are not as important.

I have inputted the Uplink and Downlink to the recommended specifications and at the moment I am just using the MAC priority fucntion to set these devices to Premium and I am assuming all other devices then just fall into the Standard priority.

My question is what do people recommend the best way to go about this is, probably not the way that I am going about it at the moment?

My thinking is that if any of my important devices are on the network then they are going to get priority over normal traffic but if more than one of these devices is on then they are going to share the bandwidth with each other and then the rest of the network. 

Like I say I am just looking for the best way to go about this sort of thing?

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With that kind of bandwidth you almost don't need to setup QoS. That said if you're concerned with particular devices then the way you've got it setup is a good start. The thing to note is that because you are giving multiple devices the same priority, one device could potentially still hog bandwidth from another device since they are treated as equals.

For instance, if you have your set your gaming PC to "Premium" and it starts downloading something from steam while your tablet (also set to premium) wants to watch netflix they could end up competing. I've seen Steam suck up almost 80mbits!

A better way to do it might be to prioritize the traffic that's most important to you. I set netflix, youtube, http-video/audio to premium and steam, nntp, ftp, to bulk.

The one problem I've found is that the built in QoS rules dont have a lot of games pre defined. I havent yet looked into an easy way to add rules for all my games.

The other thing you should know is that a MAC rule takes precedence over a service rule. Meaning if you set:
Gaming PC MAC- Premium
Steam Service - Bulk

The router will treat steam as Premium if it's running on your gaming PC.

Hope this helps!

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As per your requirement

As per your requirement concerned, I would suggest you to use "Services Priority" rather than "MAC Priority".