New R7000.. getting ready to flash

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New R7000.. getting ready to flash

Good morning.


I have a new Netgear R7000.  It hasn't been opened or used yet.  I plan on flashing it with either Tomato or DD-WRT before putting it into service.  Before I do, to help the process go as smoothly as possible, I have a couple of questions:

1.  If it's never been used, do i need to flash OEM firmware on it first? (I'm thinking not, but just want to be sure).

2.  I downloaded the current version of Kong initial chk file and the current build of 24710M.  Is it necessary to flash the chk file before the bin file?

3.  Is it still necessary to do the 30/30/30 or just a 30 rest after initial chk file install.  Or do I need to do any reset at all?

4.  If I decide to use tomato instead of DD-WRT, can I use the tomato-R7000-RT-AC6x--118-initial-64K.chk file then go straight to current 121 build?  I thought I read that i needed to go to 119 after doing the 118 chk before going onto a higher build.

5.  Finally, any suggestions or opinions on whether to use DD-WRT or tomato would be appreciated.  I know it's a matter of choice, but would like some real world user thoughts.


Thanks for the help.

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I use DD-WRT, Kong's build

I use DD-WRT, Kong's build 24345:

1 - No
2 - Yes
3 - No
4 - Don't know, never check the matter.
5 - I read they are both fine.

My Router is running fine, no reboots.

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5. I have used both tomato &

5. I have used both tomato & dd-wrt (kong).
Personally i find tomato still a bit rough around the edges for the R7000.
kong has done a great job on dd-wrt for the R7000.
dd-wrt now has wan-lan throughput around 800mbps thanks to some turbo code added by brainslayer.
Kong uses it in his code and tests the R7000 himself. BS doesnt have an R7000 so his code is more general. Sometimes that causes minor issues.

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Let us know how you make out.

Let us know how you make out. I bought a R7000 last night and started pushing my firmware update  / tomato over wifi and now its dead, looking back it was a pretty dumb idea.

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Finally got around to it

Finally got around to it today (been crazy). Everything working great!!!

Did the DD-WRT install with latest from Kong.

michael oscar
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new user   need a link to

new user   need a link to download the R7000  kong initial chk. file...